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Idaho Tennis Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in 1974 as a nonprofit organization with the goal of providing financial assistance for junior tennis programs in Idaho. The Foundation is currently governed by volunteer board members representing the various provinces across the state. An Executive Director manages the day-to-day operations of the organization. Idaho Tennis Foundation is recognized as exempt as set forth in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.   


The Idaho Tennis Foundation has adopted a gifting policy to focus on tennis in Idaho.  A main focus of ITF funds scholarships for Tennis is Elementary (TiE): a state-wide after school program that introduces elementary school children to tennis using the USTA “10 & Under” format.  There is a growing demand for this program throughout the state, especially in rural, low-income communities.  We need YOUR help to continue to make this program accessible and affordable to all Idahoans!

Click HERE for more information on the Tennis is Elementary program. 
Specifically, the Foundation will fund scholarships for students, equipment costs, instructor pay, and any administrative expense. It is the goal of the Foundation to provide every elementary school student the opportunity to participate in the program and learn the game of tennis in a fun and welcoming environment.  

In addition to TiE, but not in limitation, it is intended that the funds of this corporation will be utilized to promote junior and adult tennis in and about the State of Idaho; to give encouragement, coaching and instructions to players; to organize and manage tennis tournaments and exhibitions; to cooperate with Idaho Tennis Association and other recognized associations for the promotion of tennis; and generally to promote sportsmanship, recreation and health in the community.    


We need your financial support!!! We have trained instructors and 346 elementary schools interested in the program across the state. We need your financial support to allow us to provide tennis opportunities to every child in the state. 
             $35 - Sponsors a child for one TiE session.
             $65 - Provides a child a racquet, balls and a backpack.
             $210 - Sponsors one child for one entire semester of Tennis is Elementary.
             $420 - Sponsors one child for one entire year of Tennis is Elementary.
             $750 - Provides the equipment and instruction at one entire school.
             $1,000 - Sponsors an entire school Tennis is Elementary program. 


Your contributions to the Idaho Tennis Foundation are tax deductible. The Foundation will accept cash, debit/credit cards or cash equivalents, real property, securities, personal property and gifts-in-kind.